Gosebruch Photography

Photography forever by Roland H. Gosebruch (https://www.gosebruch.de )

Seventies & Eighties

Here I´d like to highlight two of the following images. The golden pompous coach can be found at the Marstall Museum at Nymphenburg Castle in Munich, Germany. I was fascinated seeing such a piece of art. I had to get a photograph – but I did not own a flashlight at the time. However there was this US couple, fully equipped with everything I only could dream of. Sure, he had a flashlight with his camera. I was asking him if and how we could take the image of the coach simultaneously. He agreed and  we both would shoot at his command „one-two-three-flash“. The flashlight fired off and as we can see  at the result, the transatlantic cooperation worked just fine. 

The image with the sparrow sitting in the cannon barrel implies: No war anymore, peace is better.

pompous coach
Goldene Kutsche
sparrow in the cannon
Spatz in der Kanone
Cervantes Memorial, Madrid, Spain
Cervantes Denkmal, Madrid
Volkswagen ( Beetle ) early generation
Die alten VW Käfer
Visiting Germany in 1965, Queen Elisabeth and Mom
Königlicher besuch in Stuttgart, 1965
1965, Stuttgart, Germany
Queen Elisabeth und Queen Mom
Farmhouse, Kitzbuhel, Austria
Bauernhaus, Kitzbühel, Österreich
Water Fountain, Stuttgart, Germany
Wasserspiel, Stuttgart
Water Fountain, Stuttgart, Germany
Garden Spider
Kleine Kreuzspinne
Tugendbrunnen, Nürnberg, Germany
Tugendbrunnen, Nuremberg
3 Boule balls, Southern France
3 Boule Kugeln, Südfrankreich
Reading the odds
Was mache ich hier?
precision, precision
Er will es ganz genau wissen
Tübingen, Germany
Tübingen, Germany
60 years later : still the same
unverändert- nach 60 Jahren

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