Gosebruch Photography

Photography forever by Roland H. Gosebruch (https://www.gosebruch.de )

New York City (NYC), USA

New York City has many names and faces. NYC is a synonym for Melting pot, Big Business, cosmopolitan, exciting, hectic, breathless, is „The City that never sleeps“ or „what you can´t get there you won´t get it anywhere“. Nobody will be able to fully fathom this city in its complexity – ever. Also, NYC is changing its face constantly….

Welcome to NYC- Street Repair
NYC-shoe polish, near Grand Central
Training for the next Olympics
Grand Central flags.
Grand Central-inside
Grand Central-inside
Grand Central-arrivals
St.Patrick Cathedral
Atlas Looking at St.Patrick
St.Patrick and Neighbors
St.Patrick Cathedral
Rockefeller Ctr.-Ice Skating
Rockefeller Center -Prometheus Statue
Neon signs at Time-Square
Neon signs at Time-Square
Time Square
For City Natives
Trump Hotel
The World at Time Warner Building
The World at Time Warner Building
Time Warner Plaza
Time Warner Building
Time Warner Hall
Looking down to Hall
Time Warner Shopping
Time Warner- The Big Guy
Election Trailer
Park Avenue NYC Art
Night at Park Avenue
IBM Building Atrium
Famous Photo: The Lunch Break
Original by Charles .Ebbets
Red Fountain
Lipstick Building behind bars
Queensboro Bridge Afternoon
Queensboro Bridge and Boar
Queensboro Bridge
Central Park Tree roots
Central Park Ice Rink Trump
Central Park Ice Rink
Central Park in autumn
Central Park Walkway
Central Park Statue
Plaza Hotel at Central Park
Cloisters-View at G.W Bridge
Cloisters-double meaning
Underground Depot
That is true-, Subway NYC
UN-don´t shoot
United Nations Hall
UN Secretaries
NYC-Fire Stairs
NYC-Fire Stairs
NYC-Fire Stairs
NYC-Fire Stairs
NYC-my sweet home
Chrysler Building
Chrysler Building Top
Empire State Building
Flat Iron Building
Hope Never will Die
FDNY-Your Godfather
Flower Shop
Shopping Paradise
NYC-High Line
NYC-High Line
NYC-High Line
Hudson River- New Jersey Views View
NYSE-New York Stock Exchange
USS Intrepid
USS Intrepid, Bridge
Manhattan South
Manhattan South
Piece of Art
Please not on Oct.28
WTC-Freedom Tower
WTC-Freedom Tower
WTC-Freedom Tower
WTC-Fragile World
WTC-Footprint Tower
WTC-Memorial 9/11
WTC-World Trade Center
World Financial Center
World Financial Center
World Financial Center
World Financial Ctr.P. Reichmann
Brookfield Place.
WTC - Oculus Entrance
WTC-Oculus NYC
WTC-Oculus NYC
WTC-Underground Station
Christmas is coming
Christmas and Business
Christmas Soldiers
Christmas Lion
Christmas-Think Big

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